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ProProach - Piano Voicings

Dave Longo
I don't know about you, but I'm tired of piano courses that promise me, not only to play fluently with perfect hand coordination in weeks, so that I will amaze family, friends and even talent scouts, but also that I will be able to write award winning songs within a few months.

Nah, let's face it: it takes a lot of practice to play the piano well. And even if your only goal is to be able to play songs, either by ear or from lead sheets, there is more to it than just knowing which notes go into a certain chord.

It's called voicings, how you arrange or distribute the notes in a chord. And that is what Dave Longo's ProProach course is about. It has a motto: "To play like a pro, think like a pro", and that's what he wants to teach in 25 weekly video lessons, accompanied by ebook pdfs with the stuff explained in text and a graphical keyboard with colored keys for the chords.

Here below I have put a little excerpt from Dave Longo's first, free video lesson, so you can watch his teaching style. He is very engaged, maybe even a little high-strung, but you'll get used to that, I'm sure. There's a graphical keyboard on top of his real keyboard, so you can see his hands playing, and at the same time see the blue keys play by themselves on the graphical keyboard. That's a great thing, 'cause it's very good to see how the hands and fingers move on the keyboard, but sometimes it can be a little difficult to see which keys are actually pressed. The no-hands keyboard takes care of that obstacle!

But the course is not only about voicings of individual chords, it deals with chord progressions, and how fine pianists like Oscar Peterson and Bill Evans would do it. Dave shows how to incorporate them into popular songs, like Burt Bacharach's Alfie, Hoagy Carmichael's Georgia On My Mind, Errol Garner's Misty and Over The Rainbow from The Wizard Of Oz. A lot of it is about extended chords (9, 11, 13) in that kind of context.

The 25 lessons in the ProProach piano course come once a week, 'cause Dave would like you to play around with the stuff from each lesson. Transposing to other keys is one thing, but also to encourage the creative aspect, developing your own style as you get into it.

As Dave Longo says: "The doors are opening and the wheels are turning!"
$99 and You're In!

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